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Lightweight web-based software can save you thousands.

Relationship Tools

If you've done business, you've likely used some relationship tools. Whether its a CRM or a CMS or an ERP by SAP, you've tried to organize your business processes into a tool built to serve hundreds of industries with tens of thousands of businesses. We don't believe in sticking the square peg in the round hole. Lets sit down together, grab a drink, and talk about how Golden Labs can create a custom-tailored relationship tool that will evolve and grow with your needs.

Enterprise Management

Managing the flow of information in your company has likely become more and more challenging as you've grown. As technology moves toward more mobile devices--and business requires that same mobility--managing that information flow becomes nearly impossible. While we pride ourselves in giving customers boutique care, Golden Labs has its own R&D team devoted to keeping our solutions on the cutting edge of mobile and enterprise technology.

Process Efficiency

Being founded and run by 4 engineers might not give us much in the way of social skills and personality, but it gives us a hell of a lot of expertise on streamlining business processes. Our Six Sigma blackbelts will learn your processes and uncover ways to leverage technology and custom software to improve the way you work. Oh, and we’re actually radiating with personality and social skills. Find out over drinks? C’mon.

Mobile Solutions

Imagine this, rather than drawing out a schematic of how a plant looks, or writing a list of different widgets you see when you’re on site, you’ve got a custom-built mobile application. No more converting paper to computer back at the office; no more forms in triplicate. Reduce error, increase efficiency, and make sure you’re squeezing every dollar out of your time. Custom apps are a lot easier than you think. Ask us how.

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Beriah Dutcher

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Samuel Maule

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